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Mahiya Aa Bhi Jaa: A Bollywood Style Music Video shot in Australia!

Recently a music video project was undertaken by 15 students of the University of Newcastle as part of a music video course for an assignment called “Live production for Television” and included seven dancers to perform. This was the first time that the students at the University of Newcastle had a chance to make a music video with an Indian/Bollywood theme.

Students Madeline Larsen, Carly Parsons, Adriana Sung, Danielle Hagan and Jennifer Burke take part in the Bollywood production.

Course Coordinator, Dr Vikrant Kishore and Dr Susan Kerrigan organised the project to align with the student’s assignment but to also get them involved in the creative art. The dance routine was choreographed by Sydney based choreographer, Shwetambra Barar. The music video was created as part of the Create 2308 Arts Festival, University of Newcastle.

The Create 2308 Festival celebrates the importance of vibrant creative arts practice including collaboration and experimentation in enriching the student and staff experience of studying and working on Callaghan campus.

The music video follows a story of a conflicted mind over love, the dancers performed to the song ‘Mahiya Aa Bhi Jaa/Come Back my Beloved’ especially made under the Vikrant-Arvind Bollywoodised Music Project. The song is a mixture of sufi and the Bollywood soft ballad style, performed in Hindi. Dr. Kishore said “(the lyrics) are about a girl thinking about her lover. Conflicted, her mind is telling her to not fall in the trap of love while her heart says wait for it.” “The music video represents the angst of a torn lover; who understands that she has been betrayed, but yet longs for that pure love…. and here she equates her love with the God,” he said.

The video was shot in the University Television Studio, and fountain location in the shortland side, as well as, the popular Redhead Beach at Lake Macquarie. An audience witnessed the video shoot on the Shortland side of the campus. During the production, some were able to join in as dancing extras.

The performers for the music video were: Kirti Sehrawat (lead Dancer), Adriana Sung, Jeniffer Burke, Danielle Hagan, Alexandra Hernando, Carly Parsons and Madeline Larsen.

The student crew members were: Phillip Dujin, Louisa Magric, Daniel Sparrow, Emily Kennett, Sasha Zajac, Bradley Martin, Joshua King, Paul Whiteford, Jena Bradley, Josephine Ronne, Joe Roach, Michael Mellick, Matthew Evans, Dylan Smith and Dane Pittard.

Two versions of the music video is available on youtube for viewing, one is edited by Dr Vikrant Kishore and another by the Students Sasha Zajac and Emily Kennett.

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