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Kirti Sehrawat Reveals Secrets of E-Commerce Success in 'The Ultimate Guide to Product Sourcing from India'

In a significant event for the e-commerce industry, Kirti Sehrawat, Director of Sourcing with Kirti, launched her much-anticipated book, "India Sourcing Blueprint- The Ultimate Guide to Product Sourcing from India®". The launch took place at DME's Studio 62 in NOIDA, India, where the who's who of the homeware and fashionware industry, along with notable figures from media and academia, were in attendance.

The event, organized by the DME Media School, was expertly hosted by Professor Ambrish Saxena, who led the session with poise and proficiency. Assisted by his dedicated team, Professor Saxena skillfully guided the discussions and interactions throughout the session.

The event was highlighted by an engaging Q&A session hosted by Professor Ambrish Saxena, providing insights into the book's rich content and Kirti's vast expertise. Sehrawat, with her 17-year illustrious career in the Fashion and Homeware sector, both in India and Australia, brings a wealth of knowledge to the table. Her experience includes working with a leading garment exporter in India and as a homeware buyer in Australia, offering her a unique perspective on global sourcing.

"India Sourcing Blueprint" is described as a comprehensive guide for startup e-commerce entrepreneurs aiming to navigate the complex world of product sourcing. It serves as a roadmap for those looking to source products for their own brands and sell on platforms like Amazon, Shopify, and eBay. The book is also a valuable resource for entrepreneurs transitioning from sourcing in China to exploring India's diverse product landscape.

Highlighting India's growing importance as a sourcing hub, the book contrasts the sourcing strategies between India and China. It sheds light on India's strengths in producing high-quality, unique handmade products and provides a step-by-step journey through the entire sourcing process. From understanding India's product categories and manufacturing centers to navigating the complexities of pre-production, production, inspection, and shipping, the book covers it all.

Sehrawat's guide is designed to be user-friendly, with each topic presented as separate lessons accompanied by visual examples and detailed instructions. It's a resource meant not just for beginners but also as a continuous reference for seasoned entrepreneurs.

The "India Sourcing Blueprint" stands as a testament to Kirti Sehrawat's dedication to empowering aspiring entrepreneurs with the knowledge and tools necessary to succeed in the dynamic world of e-commerce. With its practical insights and comprehensive coverage, this guide is poised to become an indispensable resource for anyone looking to make their mark in the world of e-commerce sourcing.

Q&A with Kirti Sehrawat

Q 1: Tell us about your book"The Ultimate Guide to Product Sourcing from India®?


Kirti: The guide equips entrepreneurs with the tools and know-how needed to navigate the intricate world of product sourcing and lay the groundwork for successful e-commerce ventures.


Q 2: Who is your book intended for?


Kirti: The guide is aimed at startup e-commerce entrepreneurs who want to source products for their own brand and sell through their websites or various e-commerce platforms. It's also valuable for those transitioning from sourcing in China to exploring new products in India.

"The Ultimate Guide to Product Sourcing from India®" is really tailored for startup e-commerce entrepreneurs who are raring to source products for their own brands. These are folks who want to sell their products on their own websites or on popular e-commerce platforms like Amazon, Shopify, or eBay. Also, if you're someone who's been mainly sourcing from China but wants to explore new products in India, this guide is a great fit for you too.


Q 3: What motivated you to create "The Ultimate Guide to Product Sourcing from India®"?


Kirti: With the ever growing e-commerce landscape with e-commerce giants like AMAZON, many people across the world have turned into solo entrepreneurs wanting to become online sellers for these big online platforms. But not having the required qualification or necessary background, they are not entirely sure as to how to go about sourcing these products.

I wanted to get a real sense of the challenges people faced when they were trying to source products from India, I conducted a thorough survey. The responses I received were pretty eye-opening and showed the various hurdles folks were encountering. That's what pushed me to put together a comprehensive guide that could offer practical solutions and support to entrepreneurs grappling with these sourcing difficulties.


Q 4: What are some of the common struggles people face when it comes to product sourcing from India for e-commerce businesses?


Kirti: Some common challenges include not knowing enough about India or sourcing fundamentals, difficulty finding reliable suppliers as there is no one online platform to find suppliers, working out costs and negotiating prices, managing production timelines, navigating the shipment process, ensuring product compliance, and dealing with defects.


When it comes to sourcing products from India for their e-commerce ventures, there are a bunch of common issues people run into. Some of these challenges include not really knowing much about India's market or the basics of sourcing, the struggle to find suppliers they can trust, working out the nitty-gritty of costs and negotiating prices, keeping production timelines on track, making sure the products comply with regulations, and figuring out what to do if they receive faulty items.


Q 5: How does your guide address these challenges and make the sourcing process easier? 


Kirti: "The Ultimate Guide to Product Sourcing from India®" provides step-by-step guide that takes you through the entire sourcing journey. It's designed to simplify the complex aspects of sourcing and importing products and shows you the entire roadmap on finding and verifying suppliers, understanding costs, building supply chain relationships, managing production, inspection, shipping processes, and more. It's designed to simplify the complex aspects of sourcing and importing products.


"The Ultimate Guide to Product Sourcing from India®" is designed to take these challenges head-on. It's a step-by-step guide that takes you through the entire sourcing journey. From identifying and verifying reliable suppliers to wrapping your head around costs, building solid relationships within the supply chain, managing production effectively, handling inspections and shipping, and much more. The guide breaks down these complex tasks into manageable steps, making the whole process a lot less overwhelming for entrepreneurs.


Q 6: What role does India play as a sourcing destination in the current e-commerce landscape? 


Kirti: India offers unique and distinctive products that can set e-commerce businesses apart. It's an attractive sourcing option, especially for entrepreneurs looking to diversify their supply chain and offer exclusive products.

India is actually a pretty key player in the current e-commerce landscape when it comes to sourcing. The country offers a diverse range of unique products that have the potential to really set your e-commerce business apart from the rest. This makes India quite attractive for entrepreneurs who are looking to mix things up in their supply chain and offer products that stand out to their target audience.


Q 7: What benefits can entrepreneurs gain from sourcing products from India as opposed to other markets? 


Kirti: Sourcing from India can offer unique product categories and materials that may be more cost-effective compared to traditional markets like China. It allows entrepreneurs to differentiate their brands with exclusive and innovative products.

Sourcing products from India comes with quite a few perks for entrepreneurs. You get access to a wide range of distinctive product categories and materials that might not be as easily available in more traditional markets like China. Plus, sourcing from India can often be a more cost-effective option, helping entrepreneurs keep those profit margins healthy. By incorporating these unique and innovative products into their offerings, entrepreneurs can really set their brands apart, cater to their customers' unique tastes, and maybe even gain a competitive edge in the market.

Q 8: What can entrepreneurs expect to gain from using your guide? 


Kirti: Entrepreneurs will gain valuable insights into the product sourcing process, understanding India's specializations, manufacturing hubs, and shipping ports. The guide covers topics like finding suppliers, negotiation, production, inspection, and shipping processes.

Entrepreneurs diving into "The Ultimate Guide to Product Sourcing from India®" can expect to come out with a treasure trove of insights and comprehensive knowledge about the entire product sourcing process. The guide really breaks down the specifics of India's specializations, manufacturing hubs, and shipping ports. It covers a wide range of topics, from finding and choosing suppliers, to getting the hang of negotiation tactics, effectively managing the whole production cycle, making sure those inspections are on point, and even mastering efficient shipping methods. Essentially, the guide equips entrepreneurs with the tools and know-how needed to navigate the intricate world of product sourcing and lay the groundwork for successful e-commerce ventures.


Q 9: How can entrepreneurs access your services and resources beyond the guide? 


Kirti: Entrepreneurs can visit my website ( to learn more about my services, courses, templates, and sourcing resources. They can also connect with me through Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube to access additional sourcing advice and community support.


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