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Discussing Bollywood Dance with Pradnya Dugal!

Pradnya Dugal is a Sydney based Indian Classical and Bollywood style Dancer.

Here is an interview of Pradnya by Abbas Zaheer who discussed about the impact of Bollywood dance on the Indian diaspora in Australia.

Dr Pradnya Dugal is Artistic Director, Dancer and Choreographer of Monsuun Dance, a Sydney-based

professional dance company specialising in Indian and Bollywood dance styles. Pradnya is a doctor by

profession, and dancer by passion! Pradnya partnered with Ms Dharsha Goonetilleke to launch

Monsuun this year, for the love of dance. She has 25 years experience in Bharathanatyam classical

Indian dance, and completed her Arangetram graduation with Natanalaya Academy of Classical Dance &

Music in 1995, whilst a medical student. Pradnya continues to dance decades later, juggling her life as a

doctor, a dancer, and a mother of three. She is a specialist radiologist and founding partner of a

network of medical imaging practices throughout Sydney. Her Synergy Radiology business is currently a

finalist for the IABCA 2015 Awards, and Pradnya herself is also an IABCA finalist for the Indian Australian

Business Person/Professional of the Year 2015. She brings the grace and tradition of classical dance to

Monsuun’s fusion choreography and performances, and strives to showcase the diverse range of Indian

dance styles from folk dances to classical and semi-classical dances, to contemporary Bollywood and

modern jazz/funk dances. Monsuun provides vibrant and professional dance entertainment for events,

weddings/celebrations, TV/media/film, community festivals and charity events. Pradnya and Dharsha

also teach regular Bollywood dance classes and workshops in Sydney. Monsuun is renowned for unique

and creative performances. They won the “Most Innovative Style” Award at the inaugural Bollywood

Short & Sweet Festival 2015, for Pradnya’s creative concept of a “Howzat Bollywood” theme for their

dance piece, combining the two big Indian loves of cricket and Bollywood! Although born and raised in

Australia, Pradnya’s family origins are from Mumbai, Maharashtra, the home of the Bollywood film

industry. She has a deep-seated love of her Indian cultural heritage. Through Monsuun, she hopes to

share the wonders of Indian dance with the wider Australian community.

Monsuun Dance Showreel:


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