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Miss/Mrs India Global 2016, Melbourne - An initiative to celebrate the inner beauty of women!

On March 19th, 2016, Melbourne is going to host a new beauty pageant - Miss/Mrs India Global, which will see Bollywood star and a former beauty queen Neha Dhupia as the Chief Guest and a Jury member. Neha Dhupia is well known for being outspoken and vocal about women’s right. This unique pageant will see women participating from all the major cities of Australia and New Zealand.

Divya Bakshi & Swechha Kulshrestha are the Directors of this prestigious competition where contestants are encouraged to reach their potential and become role models for the community making it a most beautiful experience of their lives and giving them various opportunities to build their careers in the entertainment industry.

Divya Bakshi elaborates regarding the main purpose of the event:

“our venture endeavours to celebrate the inner beauty of women thereby promoting a sense of belonging and togetherness within the community. We do not believe or propagate the belief that beauty is only skin deep. With this view, the Miss/Mrs India Global platform seeks to provide a unique opportunity to women of Indian origin regardless of their respective age and religion to engage, interact and compete with each other on a global platform."

Bakshi, further states, “The pageant recognizes women empowerment as one of its key pillars. It is critical that women are treated as equals and be empowered to play larger and more significant roles across our communities and the country as a whole. Because of a deep rooted mindset, women continue to be discriminated against and perceived as a lesser sex right to this very day. Our initiative proposes to change this long held perception once and for all by proving that women can not only be perfect wives, a mothers, and great home-makers but can also step outside their homes and outshine in following their dreams and aspirations.”

In addition to highlighting the inner beauty of women and women empowerment, this pageant also wants to bring the much needed focus on domestic violence. Sweccha Kulshrestha points out that “domestic violence has been a major concern which has been on the rise in communities across the world. The Nikita Chawla case which shocked the Australian Indian community is just one such instance. Domestic violence takes many forms which vary from marital rape to physical and mental agony. Through the pageant, we the Indian origin Australian women wish to reiterate our firm stand against domestic violence. Through the pageant we seek to educate women about the forms of domestic violence as well as the Australian government’s stance against such acts which denigrate the very soul of a woman going through it.”

Both Divya Bakshi and Sweccha Kulshrestha say that they are genuinely committed to serve and care about the wellbeing of the communities we live in by spreading the message of love and compassion. Our project is being marketed/packaged/promoted in a way that would attract interests from a wider group of prospective contestants within all states and territories in Australia and New Zealand.

Bollywood Diva and Femina Miss India 2002 winner Miss Neha Dhupia will be joining the pageant for the Grand Finale on Saturday, 19th March as a Judge to boost the confidence of the contestants and share her experiences. Miss and Mrs India Global winners will receive a unique opportunity to represent India at International pageants and will be judged by professionals from fashion and entertainment industry.

MIG team met former Prime Minister Mr Tony Abbott recently who appreciated the initiative and gave his best wishes for a successful event.

Mrs Monica Sharma Raizada is also board this project who is the founder of Women of Wyndham group which aims at providing a voice to the women of wyndham community to realise their full potential and develop a network to empower and engage them to enhance Wyndham as a safe, diverse and welcoming community.

For updates and enquiries, visit Miss India Global’s website –


Phone: +61 420 995 044, 0404 612 305

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