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Urvee Adhikari's "The Bride and Her Tribe" Showcases Easy Yet Classy designs!

I have been Invited for two grand weddings late this year. As usual in the want to have something new and different, looking through the wardrobe always feels like you don't have much choice and need to get something better. These days its easier to find wardrobe inspiration in the online world, that offers so much not only in terms of shopping, but also the current and upcoming fashion trends,that I love going through. Therefore, I decided to look online for some inspiration... of course having a classy designers' signature for my next night out at the wedding, would make it worthwhile.

I went onto to check what was offered in some of the recent Fashion Shows that were held in Asia. One of the interesting shows that I came across was, "The India Beach Fashion Week" that was recently held in Goa, India. Before I could shrug it off as a beachwear showcase (as the name suggests), the collection theme 'The Bride & Her Tribe' by fashion designer Urvee Adhikari caught my attention. Mostly for the reason that its not just the Bride but also the tribe that's been look after.So, though not as much of a 'bride' but i still belong to the tribe,' hence the inquisitiveness to find that perfect outfit made me look into it further.

Having seen the 'Unrealistic' clothes in fashion shows before ,I assumed this to be the same or worst, trying to offer a beach themed bridal wear (why not); in a funny way, I was a bit apprehensive about finding something interesting, nevertheless, the designs caught my eyes instantly, as they were unsually different from the 'Bridezilla' wear that we generally come across.

Fashion designer - Urvee Adhikari, has made a strong mark in the fashion industry and have had few successes in the past; this was her first showcase in "The India Beach Fashion' week, and she absolutely mesmerised her audience with her collections.

'The Bride & Her Tribe', Urvee's bridal collection boasts a great variety, keeping in line with the theme, that of course had the "bridal" collection as the centrepiece, but the tribes were looked after too. Her choice of earthy hues, minimalistic and defined embroidery and flowy silhouettes reflects simplicity and elegance in her designs,redefining the modern bride and her entourage.Her creativity speaks for Itself and so does the beauty of her designs in her simplicity.I found my eyes stuck on one of the designs in the collection which is black crop top with matching black lehnga skirt. Its been beautifully created with silk dupion and silk crepe with alba work on the skirt. Despite being so simple i feel it gives me the look I would want to wear and wouldn't mind to repeat again.

Traditionally Indian brides end up with heaviest piece of clothes and jewellery on their weddings and spend good amount of money just to hoard away those dresses in their wardrobes forever, never to be used again.I have been to the weddings where I have seen brides to be most uncomfortable in their heavy Outfits. Instead why not choose something that is simple,elegant and can still stay in your wardrobe to be worn again and is comfortable enough to enjoy that every minute of your special day.

So as the wedding season is on, you might want to check out Urvee's collection,You'll be surprised at how her designs can alter with your comfort and theme of the wedding making you a happier bride or her tribe, or Do we really need any reason to shop? Haha... think not!

Check out Urvee's FB page:

And follow her on Instagram @urveeadhikarivyas

Till then,

Happy Browsing|Happy Shopping!

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Sylvia Chawla

Stylist & Beauty Advisor

Sylvia has been a skin therapist since 7 years in Melbourne. She believes that beauty comes from within but it is as important to look after yourself from outside.To be able to give full solutions to her clients she is also a qualified Makeup Artist and a Hairdresser.Sylvia is passionate about styling and so she started her own Indian Designer online clothing store in Melbourne named Smaya-Wear Your Pride in 2013.

Instagram: @MakeupbySylviaC


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