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‘In Conversation with Kirti’: Discussing Migrant Women Entrepreneurs with Pushpa Narayan & Yogit

‘In Conversation with Kirti’ is a new web talk show by

This week, the discussion focuses on Migrant women entrepreneurs in Australia who have successfully carved a niche for themselves in Australia, which of course is their home now. The discussion will throw light on the challenges these new migrant women face and how they can overcome their fears and take on the new world with confidence.

The guests for the show are two very well respected and known Australian-Indians - Pushpa Narayan and Yogita Bhardwaj.

(Kirti Sehrawat)

Pushpa Narayan is a successful Fashion Designer/ Stylist and Dance Director - Mai Nachungi Dance Company. She has several fashion shows to her credit and is marked as one of the leading Australian-Indian women bringing out Indian culture on fashion runways in Melbourne. Her Bollywood dance school is also one of the most sought after and provides opportunities to local talent of all age groups.

(Pushpa Narayan)

Yogita Bhardwaj is a successful entrepreneur who started her journey with YABS group (which included YABS Real Estate, YABS Domain and YABS Hair n Beauty Business) along with her husband Avniesh Bhardwaj in 2004. She also started Indian Monthly and Melbourne Sun Newspapers in 2014, which have attained great success in less than only 2 years. Apart from this, she is an active participant in supporting community welfare programs like raising the voice against domestic violence and other community events and fests.

Check out ‘In Conversation with Kirti’ here!

(Yogita Bhardwaj)

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