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Media Person Anita Barar - Offering Humanistic Perspectives to Her Stories!’s Sydney based associate Param Garcha spoke to multi talented Melbourne based writer and filmmaker Anita Barar. Anita was in Sydney for her current documentary project.

Banker by profession, Anita has been actively involved with Theatre, Writing and is also associated with Radio since over two decades and is also known for her good knowledge of Indian film industry. Her current project concentrates on a man’s journey to find out about his grandfather, who arrived in Australia in 1920 from India and never went back.

Her earlier documentary film ‘Crossing the Line’ focussed on people who have seen the bloodshed of 1947 India-Pakistan divide. The film emphases on those people who had crossed over the India-Pakistan border against their wishes in the wake of partition and are now living in Australia. The film was selected for screening at various international film festivals. She made some films earlier, which includes a situational comedy ‘The First of April’. ‘In God’s Hand was about an old man. She also made a short film on domestic violence ‘A New Dawn’.

See the exclusive interview with Anita Brar here:

Param Garcha: Param is a creative thinker that is constantly looking to push the boundaries of what can be done. An ardent fan of Bollywood films, Param’s interests lies in romantic and Indian art house films. Sydney based dentist by profession, she is passionate about telling individual stories of achievement in art, entertainment and society. With her own exceptional culinary skills Param will be reviewing restaurants while keeping an eye on Bollywood celebrity movement in the city.

Param Garcha with Anita Brar

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