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Celebrating Holi - the Indian Festival of Colours at Wyndham Council!

The Indian Festival of colours was celebrated with much fanfare at the Werribee racecourse. The festival was well attended and people really enjoyed the event. There were food stalls, non-stop music and even camel rides. It looks like the Holi event is becoming one of the main events for the Indians and other community members in Melbourne. The message of friendship and brotherhood was loud and clear... as people mingled around throwing colours at each other... there were no strangers in this event but a vibrant community in a festive mood... embracing one another.

The Acting Mayor of Wyndham Council Cr Gautam Gupta states, Wyndham council has embraced this glorious Hindu festival as a part of its cultural diversity… and if you look around the festival, there are thousands of people from diverse groups. Holy signifies freedom of express, love, togetherness and unity.”






Check out the video story by’s Kaitlyn Isham!

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