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Subhadeep Majumdar is a 29 Year old music composer arranger and music producer from Kolkata. He grew up in a musical family. His mother Sarbani Majumdar is a well-known singer and social worker. Since childhood, Subhadeep started learning Hindustani classical music from his mother Sarbani - a student of well known Ustad Abu Daund Khan and Ajoy Das - the famous music composer from Bengal.

During his school days, Subhadeep started learning guitar from Mintal Gazi. During his graduation he joined a band named n10. They composed an album called “Valobeshe e Dyakho Na” and scored music for a Bengali movie “Ajo Valobashi Tomake” in 2009-2010.

Later, Subhadeep quit the band and moved to Kolkata, the capital of the state to try his luck in music and to make his dream of making it big in the music industry. But it wasn't easy as he had envisaged... getting into the Bengal music industry scene was a challenge and a big struggle... having no connections with the music industry added to his problems. Subhadeep felt that 'days were not very easy and not so kind of him'. He was pursuing MBA at that time... and looking for work as well, but felt that wherever he went looking for projects, it was tough to even get people see his work... which led to a certain amount of frustration. Nonetheless, he started collaborating with like-minded musicians and started doing small projects to build his portfolio, which helped quite a lot.

In Oct 2012, Subhadeep scored music for Sanchita. It was penned by Sourav Malakar. Album “Opekkha”, which was released by Rooh music. People loved the song named “Ankhiyan Dhunde Tujhe”. After that Subhadeep scored a fusion Rabindra Sangit album with his mother and it received good feedback in states like Assam, Tripura and North Bengal. More than five thousand CD copies were sold.

The turning point was when Subhadeep met a musician Avyc, who is also a composer. They hit it off quite well, understanding each others potential, likes and dislikes in terms of music. They started collaborating on projects, and after a many of jam sessions for more than two years, they decided to form a band called “The Virtual Brothers”.

Subhadeep scored music for Advertising Houses like Creative Shoppe, Ad-on and many ad filmmakers, and State Govt.'s project such as, “Cholo Ganga Banchai”. He also scored music for more than 10 short films.

The Virtual Brothers scored music for a short film “Kos” that was the winner of “Kolkata shorts 2015”. People appreciated the film and the music brought a lot of appreciation for them.

Subhadeep has scored music for various TV channels like Zee Bangla, CTVN, Athrilbangla, Channel 8 etc. He has composed background music for the movie “Boudi dot com “. Subhadeep has arranged more than 200 Songs.

Apart from all these works, he started recording ambience sound to make soundscapes. He released his first track on this subject in a social media, where he scored music using a conversation of a great jazz artist Liala Biali with ambience sound. On that track he fixed all the things into scale, rhythm or u can say everything into music. He named it “Liala Speaks in G”. After that he moved to his 2nd work on this same subject where he merged Azan and Chandipath and different ambience sounds. These kind of ambient based music and soundscapes are being appreciated by people quite a lot.

His band the virtual brothers has done a lot of cover song with various artist. They claim that they are not genre biased. They have worked on various genres like pop, metal, percussive, acapella, indie, classical etc. They scored music for a Bangladeshi dharabahik natok “Shefali”.

The virtual brothers have also started their international journey. Currently, they are working with an African singer Nicole Martinez. They are going to release a cover song of Rihanna in this April.

Subhadeep’s first international work released in 2015, where he arranged music for “Ami bujhi na” composed by his band mate Avyc. A very talented and popular artist Musafir Ariyan from Bangladesh sung that song. Now this days Subhadeep is working with Tom Andre Anderson, a composer from Norway.

The Virtual Brothers have their own production house, where they do audio and visual production for various clients and for their own band. They are open for collaborations and projects, so if you are looking for some new soundscape, background music, or Bollywood style music... maybe, this is the time you try out working with this upcoming talent, who understands music quite well... and lends his own signature to his music design.


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