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Vikrant Kishore in Conversation with Bollywood Star Zarine Khan!

Zarine Khan is probably one of the few Bollywood actors who does not shy away from discussing issue of being an obese kid and a tomboy... and how Bollywood was never in her radar, and how each day in the film industry is a new learning experience with its own ups and downs.

Zarine was happily looking for some safe job, but a chance encounter with Salman Khan, whom she went to meet as a crazed fan, ended up in a life changing experience as she was offered the role of the leading lady in the film "Veer".

Since, Veer there has been no turning back, though Veer did not do wonders at the box office adding to Zarine's struggle, yet she kept her calm and instead of signing any thing that came in her way, she waited for the right projects. Hate Story 3, which has been a sleeper hit of 2015, proves that Zarine has been cautiously taking decisions to move her career in the right direction.

Zarine simply does not want to be tagged as a one film wonder, but wants to put in effort and do mainstream Bollywood cinema in the best possible manner, even if it means she has to do an erotic thriller like Hate Story 3.

Zarine is quick to brush aside any indication to be looking for featuring in item numbers, yes, she did grab eye balls with the peppy item song "Character Dheela" with Salman Khan, but she enjoys those kind of numbers that present her in a glamorous and fun manner and is not vulgar in its presentation.

Zarine has also featured in various regional language films such as the 2013 Tamil film Naan Rajavaga Pogiren and 2014 Punjabi film Jatt James Bond.

Currently she is excited about two project that she is working on, Aksar 2 a thriller, slated for mid-2016 release, and an untitled Chick flick which has an ensemble cast of five heroines.

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