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Celebrate The Cultures of the World in Gannat, France!

From July 20 to 29, 2018, the 45th festival "Cultures of the World" will be once again organised in Gannat, France to the rhythm of Cultural Diversity!
Welcome to Les Cultures Du Monde!

The International Folklore Festival of Gannat has been celebrating the folk culture of the world “Les Cultures du Monde” for last 44 years with much pride, fanfare and pageantry. The 10 days long festival of Gannat is organized by the Association Nationale Cultures et Tradition (ANCT), that witnesses dance and music groups from 16 countries from the five continents, more than 500 volunteers, and 4000 spectators.
Here is the first poster of the Festival.
For more details about the festival check out:
Check out the video promo of the festival:

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