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Air Pollution via fine particulate matters- a discussion with Manoj Kumar & Dr Jordan White

Air pollution has emerged as a very important issue due to its adverse impact on human health and the surrounding environment. Accurate monitoring and measurements are important aspects of pollution control strategies. Globally, various studies have already reported the concentrations and negative impacts of PM2.5 and PM10 on human health. However, very few studies focus on much finer particles i.e., particles having a diameter less than 1 micron (PM1), which are even more lethal than PM2.5 and PM10. Moreover, till now there are no safe baseline values for PM1 concentrations. We believe, once the safe air quality standard for PM1 is established and notified, there would be a much greater focus on accurate measurement, monitoring, source control, and mitigation strategies for PM1 in ambient air. It is anticipated that such efforts would greatly contribute towards protecting environment and human health and save millions of lives each year lost due to air pollution worldwide.

BollyOZ organised a panel discussion on the issue of Implication of fine particulate matters on human health and environment.

The panellists were:

Manoj Kumar – Global Campaigner – CATS (Clean Air to Surve) under Global Council of Environment and Health Inc. Australia

Dr. Jordan WhiteLead Data Scientist at EarthSense Systems Ltd UK

Watch the full panel discussion here:


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