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Kirti Sehrawat in Conversation with Miss India Global- Sonam Patel!'s Editor-in-Chief Kirti Sehrawat recently caught up with Sonam Patel, who was crowned Miss India Global 2016 in a glittering event in Melbourne. Sonam talks about her chance foray into the world of modeling, her vocation, her passion for music, and her future plans.

Sonam is from Perth, Western Australia. She is currently pursuing her career in the accounting field whilst undertaking further studies in chartered accounting. Prior to this she undertook studies in dentistry. Sonam is an avid gym goer and also has a zest for music and in particular, loves to play the piano. In the talent round of the Miss India Global, Sonam mesmerised the jury members with her soulful piano rendition of Bollywood songs.

She describes herself to be a very passionate and driven individual and feels that she has the dedication, personality and charisma required to make a strong ambassador for young women on a global scale. Sonam maintains strong ties to her Indian origin and loves to embrace her rich Indian culture, not to mention her love for Bollywood films and music!

Sonam believes that the forthcoming Miss Global pageant in Philippines will provide her with an esteemed platform whereby she can actively commit to creating a positive impact within society by voicing opinions, leading and motivating young people on a global scale. wishes Sonam Patel all the best for the Miss Global 2016! We will keep our viewers updated about Sonam's journey to Manila, Philippines.

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