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Kirti in Conversation with Gautam Gupta - The host of's new web series "Celebrat's editor in chief Kirti speaks to Gautam Gupta - the host of the new show "Celebrate Melbourne with Gautam Gupta", about his plans for the new show and how he intends to bring out the best of Melbourne in his show.

The web-series "Celebrate Melbourne with Gautam Gupta" aims to look into what Melbourne offers in terms of Culture, sports, politics, entertainment, food, arts etc.

The affable Gautam Gupta promises to provide an interesting insight into what Melbourne offers...This new series will explore everything that makes Melbourne the most liveable city in the world and share the stories of people who make it happen from entertainment, business, food to technology.

Check out the interview... the web-series will be online on from March onwards!

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