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Launch Party: Celebrate Melbourne with Gautam Gupta!

On 5th March, Bollyoz along with Wyndham Harbour Marina hosted the launch of the web series “Celebrate Melbourne with Gautam Gupta”.

The series will explore technology, entrepreneurs, places and everything in between that have made Melbourne the most liveable city in the world. Cr Gupta, is the Acting Mayor of City of Wyndham and is a well-known reformer. Australia’s Newest Marina - Wyndham Harbour Marina, hosted the launch, upon completion this will be home to Australia’s largest marina; boasting two new beaches, parklands, walking trails and vibrant retail and shopping amenities.

Check out the pictures from the launch party, the video will be uploaded soon.

Thanks to all for supporting “Celebrate Melbourne with Gautam Gupta”, we will be putting the first episode online soon.

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