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Kirti in Conversation with Popular Indian Stand-up Comedian - Daniel Fernandes!

Popular Indian stand up comedian Daniel Fernandes, was in Melbourne to participate in the prestigious Melbourne Comedy Festival and his shows were sold out. Based in Mumbai, Daniel has collaborated with several other stand-up comedians and performs live on a regular basis in comedy clubs. He has slowly gained prominence in this field with his you tube channel apart from his live performances. Daniel knows how to tickle your bones with his wise cracks and his acts are a satirical take on things that we encounter on daily basis. He is known for his dark and surreal style of comedy, with references to social issues in India including free speech, marital rape, student suicide etc.

In his conversation with, he throws light on how Indians are warming up to stand-up comedy and also about the role of social media in providing a platform to budding performers. Check it out here on

Special thanks to Rajesh Yadav's Dr R&B Entertainment for Artist Management

Special thanks to Sylvia Chawla - Make Up Artist

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