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Talking About Caste, Class, Politics and Social Work - Vikrant Kishore in Conversation With Jasvinde

Advisor of - Dr Vikrant Kishore recently caught up with Jasvinder Singh Sidhu - a University lecturer, Social Worker and Labor Advisor, to discuss issues about the Australian Indian community, the Australian politics and the Indian caste and class system that he has been researching on.

Mr Sidhu holds triple masters and will be submitting his PhD in a few months. He has founded a few social campaigns, for the needy and disadvantaged in Victoria. The Age, SBS News, ABC, State and Federal Parliaments have acknowledged his work on many occasions. Mr Sidhu has taught in five countries over last one decade and has presented his research in over dozen countries around the world namely in Spain, UK, Canada, Germany, France, Portugal, New Zealand, India and Australia. A regular commentator at SBS, voluntary journalist, runs food programs for homeless people and homeless children, established breakfast clubs in 25 schools in Victoria serving more than 1,000 school children. Over last 7 years Mr Sidhu has also established programs for isolated migrants and has assisted more than 100 seniors to become self-sufficient through various programs. Mr Sidhu is the co-founder of Jagriti association which creates programs and strategies to counter family violence in Victoria.

Check out the exclusive video interview on here!

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