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Mrs. India Global 2016 -Amy Aela Kauler to represent Australia & India in Mrs. Universe 2016 in

Amy Aela Kauler, the reigning Mrs India Global is heading to China, to represent India/Australasia for the 2016 Mrs. Universe Pageant in late August. Mrs India Global was held in Melbourne on 19th March at the Regal Ballroom with 30 contestants participating from all over Australia. The prestigious event attracted over 350 attendees. Bollywood celebrity and former Miss India, Neha Dhupia was the guest of honor for the event.

Born in Allahabad, UP, Amy has grown up in India and Australia and prides herself on maintaining a strong connection to her Indian roots. She graduated from Edith Cowan University with a Bachelor's Degree in Marketing. Amy works as the Head of Marketing for Orbit World Travel & Melbourne City Institute of Education and also runs her own private consultancy business. Amy loves Bollywood movies and is part of an Indian dance group, Drea's Dance Masala in Brisbane.

Amy entered the Mrs India Global competition, because she wanted to challenge herself with her biggest fear - that

is, public speaking. From having to talk about herself to a panel of judges to answering on the spot questions - Amy conquered her fears and realised how much can be achieved when you are just yourself and have fun.

In addition to winning the main title of Mrs India Global, Amy also won the 'Most Talented' Award for her Bollywood dance performance in the talent round to 'Lovely' from Happy New Year.

In her spare time, Amy enjoys fitness, dance, travelling, art, animals and family. Amy is a firm believer in the eradication of 'isms' - whether that be speciesism, racism, sexism, ageism and so forth. She believes that the human race can truly move into a positive direction when love comes before all else.

Amy recollects her challenging journey from being a bullied student to her aspirations to participate in the Miss Global paegant: "I am still in shock about winning this prestigious award. I remember being at the event, completely not thinking about the possibility of winning - I was mainly thinking about what time I would be able to go have something to eat! It really showed me that when you are honest and real, that is what shines through and people see it. I am not a size 8 or the prettiest girl, but I can say I own my actions and my words, with confidence. I am so excited about the upcoming opportunities that this award will bring in China, and I am looking forward to representing Australasia in the Mrs Universe competition!

I think this is a fantastic platform to have a voice in the community, on a national and International scale about issues that really matter. In school, I was teased very badly for my heritage. In fact, it used to get so bad, that I would hide in the bathroom for the entire lunch break, because I did want people to make fun of my lunch, that I had coconut oil in my hair, or because my Mum would come to pick me up in sari's. The bullying made me feel so embarrassed about who I am. As I got older, I realised the bullying made me a stronger person. I now truly appreciate what it means to be Indian. I believe it is such a blessing. I want to act as a role model for younger girls to know that no matter where they are from, they are amazing. If they stay true to who they are, they really can do anything."

Amy will be flying to China on August 29th. She is sponsored by A Formal Affair Brisbane, Elite Eye Couture and Fortune World Travel. wishes Amy all the best and would keenly follow her journey to Mrs Universe pageant.

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