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Dancing for Fitness - Bollywood Style!

Bollywood Divas Fitness Class at Hit the Dance Floor Studios in Malvern, took some of Bollywood’s hottest tracks and dance steps, and incorporated them into a fun way to burn calories. With over 18 people in attendance, from different ages and backgrounds, the class felt like a family coming to celebrate their love for Bollywood, dance and fitness.

Unlike other dance classes, where you work on the same song and dance for a long period of time, this Bollywood fitness class did one song at a time, and made the dance moves easy to follow along with, meaning you do not require any sort of previous dance experience, just to keep up.

The founders Helen and Grishma, came together to form Bollywood Divas. Helen, who had a background in fitness and nutrition, collaborated with Grishma, who has choreographed dance numbers in Bollywood, and together they make this class come alive. They both have amazing positive energy that is contagious, and they encourage you to let yourself go and dance like no one is watching.

There are always different exercise trends, but this new upcoming trend ‘Bollyrobics’, will be one to stay as Bollywood dance and songs continue to grow. With Melbourne’s large Indian population and fitness cautious Australians, this class is sure to become extremely popular!

You can contact Bollywood Divas at:

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