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Wyndham Festa- Trade Expo & Family Fun Day on Saturday, 5th November at the Werribee Racecourse!

Growing the network of your business contacts is an essential practice to further prosper the business and to improve the credibility of a business. Trade Expos and Workshops are considered as one of the best medium for the same.

Entertainment on the other side is vital to keep you relaxed and active after all the hard toil. Keeping in mind both work and play, a unique concept, ‘Wyndham Festa- Trade Expo & Family Fun Day’ has come into being.

The event is organised by the Director of NBays IT Solutions, Mr Kandaswamy who is also the Affiliated partner with Jims’ Trade Net. Mr Kandaswamy also runs ‘Darshan Driving School’.

The event is going to be held on 5th November 2016 at Werribee Racecourse from 10 am to 4pm.

The best part about the event is that it is completely multicultural in the sense that business owners from different communities are taking an active part in the Trade Expo which also includes Franchise workshops by Jim’s group.

A number of speeches and presentations will be delivered on following topics:

  • How to Uncover Hidden Profits in Your Business Using a Trading Strategy

  • Trade as a business strategy

  • Know the score in Business- and Win

  • How to deal with difficult people

  • 3 Keys to Tendering success

The key people to talk on various topics include Martin Farrugia, Stewart Clarke, Paul Godden, Peter Ligdopoulos, Rebecca Carroll Bell, Chinmay Ananda, Chris Dennis, Pauline Rooney and more.

In addition to a number of business stalls, food stalls, food tricks, sports, kids’ entertainment, food caravans, face painting, discount coupons, lucky draws and more have been organised. To be more precise, most of the professional stalls and tables will in the inside area of Werribee Racecourse where the outdoor area will be covered by entertainment with a number of

multicultural activities for all age groups.

14 Brand ambassadors representing various countries including Australia, India, Mauritius, Nepal, Pakistan, Burma, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, Congo , Ireland and Philippines.

(Kandaswamy Shanmugam - The brain behind the Festa)

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