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SSCAFF - Satrangi 7 Colors Arts & Film Festival to be held in Melbourne from 5-7th May 2017

Dr Vikrant Kishore in Conversation with Nawal Moudgil & Maansi Sharma


SSCAFF 2017 - Satrangi 7 Colors Arts & Film Festival, is an Indian and Cross-Cultural festival of performing arts and creative arts, encouraging the participation of the whole community in celebrating and valuing cultural diversity.

The festival will kick start on Friday, 5th May at RMIT University initiating a FILM Talk with Indigenous & Torres-strait Islanders Filmmakers, Cross-Cultural Film Discussions & Film Screenings, Fitness & Fashion workshops on 6th and Closing with Cultural Extravaganza on Sunday, 7th May.

SSCAFF incorporates the productions of all film makers, while recognizing their cast & crew and motivating them to promote the social, cultural and economic benefits of cultural diversity through their film and arts projects.

This festival also aims at strengthening Music, Film & Cultural ties of Victorian/Australian Film, Music & Arts industries with India and globally by recognizing the local talent and productions at this community platform.

Dr Vikrant Kishore in Conversation with Hana Vraniqi & Corey Corbett

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