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Meet The BollyOz Show Host - Raine O'Connor!'s new variety web-series "The BollyOz Show", directed by Dr Vikrant Kishore is gearing up for its online release this week.

"The BollyOz Show" focuses mainly on the Australia based South Asian community members, who are making their presence felt in Australia quite strongly… The Bollyoz Show will endeavour to celebrate talented and distinguished personalities from across the community.

The BollOz Show will be hosted by Raine O'Connor, who brings a very lively, vivacious and vibrant energy to the web-series. Raine has worked across the print, television, film, radio and live theatre mediums as a Public Relations Consultant, Reporter, Presenter, Voice-over Artist and Actress in her 15 year professional career.

Raine has immersed herself in the creative industries and approached every project with energy, drive and dedication, building an impressive CV and extensive, ongoing professional relationships. It is storytelling, however, that has been her lifelong passion. She looks forward to playing a key role on The BollyOz Show by introducing its audience to a gathering of fascinating and talented individuals across the South Asian community in Australia.

The show is supported by its dynamic crew members - Tim Ramseyer, Sam Kway, Josh Machuca, Kristen Rosenberg, Pooja Bansal AND Stephanie Lestari.

The BollyOz Show will be online on our facebook page, Youtube and of course our website. So do like our Facebook page: for the latest episodes and updates.

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