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BollyOz Panel Discussion - India's Covid 19 Situation & Australia's Response!

Welcome to’s special panel discussion on the current covid 19 crisis in #India, and the #Australian Government’s decision to ban and impose fines on anyone traveling from India to #Australia.

Our special guest today is joining from India, who is a well-known and a celebrated broadcast journalist - Abhigyan Prakash, and we have five panelists joining from Melbourne -

Manoj Kumar: Chairperson of subcontinent friends of Labor in Victoria

Ruchira Talukdar: an independent researcher and writer on climate and environmental politics and social movements.

Tanvi Mor: a public sector employee, a social worker, and an event manager

Neeraj Nanda: Editor of South Asia Times

Deepak Joshi: Businessman, Entrepreneur, and co-founder of the Humanism project!


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