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Talking Vic Local Politics - 2020 Council Elections in VICTORIA, Australia

Discussing upcoming Victorian COUNCIL ELECTIONS on “Talking Vic Local Politics” – Episode 1:

In this new online panel discussion, we invite Indian/South Asian origin local politicians to discuss local and community issues. The focus of the first episode is on the upcoming council elections, and how the Indian origin candidates are positioning themselves. The panel includes:

#Manoj Kumar – is the chairperson of subcontinent friends of Labor in Victoria… he was the candidate of Labor Party in state and federal election.

Cr #Intaj Khan – Cr Khan is Council’s Urban Futures Portfolio Holder, which covers liveability, housing, neighborhood planning, urban design, and long term financial planning. He is also the Deputy Chair for the Future Focused Economic Portfolio and for the Tourism and Major Events Portfolio. He is re-contesting from Harrison Ward, Wyndham Council.

#Nildhara Gadani – is a qualified Early Childhood Educator, she also operates two local small businesses. She has previously served as a Committee Member of the Whitehorse Business Group for several years. She is a candidate for Mahoneys Ward in Whitehorse Council.

#Arnav Sati – is a community advocate based in Tarneit who is quite vocal on Infrastructure issues in Melbourne's West, particularly Wyndham. Arnav contested the last state elections in 2018 as an independent candidate, and since then continuously advocating on local community issues. He is a candidate for Chaffey Ward, Wyndham Council.



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